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Manual Wheel Chair on Rent in Pune

Wheel Chair on Rent (Manual | Folding)

Regular price Rs. 600.00
Refundable Deposit : Rs. 1000
Delivery and Pick-up Fee : Rs. 0 Sale

These Wheel chairs run by manual propulsion where the person occupying the wheel chair applies force on the rear big wheels. These Wheel chairs on rent come with a handle that allows another person to push it from behind.

Wheel chair on rent in pune can be collapsed by lifting the seating cloth upwards. Once collapsed/folded the wheel chair can be easily transported in a car. 

The foot-rest can be folded as well.

The leg support cloth has been fitted in the wheel chair to ensure that the patients legs always have support. Elderly patients and patients suffering from paralysis find this feature very useful. 

This rental wheel chair wheels have hand brakes as well to lock the wheels providing better safety to the patients.